Company Profile
Sulfamic Acid
Calcium Phosphate,Dibasic

Yangquan Jingcheng Chemicals Co., Ltd is one Joint-Venture Company founded at 1995 year, specializing in manufacturing and marketing Sulfamic Acid in domestic and overseas market. She is by far one of the newly emerged top manufacturers and active exporters for Sulfamic Acid in the World. On Mar 20, 2003, we successful obtained certificate of ISO9001:2000 and IQnet system..

Since its inception, top priority has been given to new products development and stringent quality control,Improve and innovating the technology from Taiwan, the producing line is more science, more applied and more efficient. Technology give us power to develop. The quality of Sulfamic Acid from Jingcheng is not less than any local and oversea producer, especially for the stable granular size and low sulfate content.

Due to its consistent quality and rather competitive price policy, Sulfamic Acid from Jingcheng have gained prestigious recognition in the global marketplace. It is convinced that latent markets for further expansion are optimistically tremendous both at home and abroad with the integration of China economy into the world community. After years painstaking endeavors, global network for market penetration has been available accordingly, based upon the market-oriented strategy formulated by the company senior management.

The guiding philosophy for the company has been the eternal pursuit of the perfect combination of quality, price and service, which is one of the dominant factors for the proven success of our market expansion in the past.

In 2004, a new production line was established in our company, producing Melamine, annual capacity is 6000MT, our goods has been entered into local and international market, and welcomed by our customers.

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